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Yahoo gave the U.S. Government access to e-mail accounts

If someone retained its vulnerable has of mail electronic in Yahoo! maybe just of bumping is with the excuse perfect to eliminate it completely. Since it turns out that the company would have spied hundreds of millions of e-mail messages at the request of United States intelligence stations.


According to an exclusive report from the Reuters Agency, the NSA and the FBI would have established direct contact with the people from Yahoo! to ask, in a secret manner, intervention and reading millions of messages, just last year.

This revelation would come directly from the statements of three exempleados and a reporting anonymous, that worked in this project and that now have decided expose them details of the operation.

In order to find a phrase or specific code in the body of a message or an attachment, Yahoo! engineers have developed special software to find secret combination required by the FBI and the NSA.

Yahoo! has already gone out to deny officially that you have performed this operation, highlighting ambiguous way their attachment to what require the forces of the law.

Microsoft and Google, for its part, is have covered and Miconia, pointing of way direct that never would have received a request similar to the approached in the uncomfortable report.

Yahoo continues facing questions concerning an intrusion occurred in 2014 that put in risk at least 500 millions of accounts.

The Justice Department and the FBI did not immediately respond requests for comment from the press.

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