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Newton will get to Windows, is a very popular in macOS, iOS and Android mail app

E-mail applications are many, but some stand out above the rest, one of them is Netwon. It is fairly comprehensive, it allows you to easily synchronize accounts for that so you have everything at hand. Not currently available for Windows. The first 14 days of Newton are free, then it requires a subscription.


Newton, will soon be available for Windows, though according to put on the website of the developers, they have only thought released a version for desktop. This means that the application will not reach initially Windows 10 Mobile, a real shame, against more alternatives better.

In the days of test we will have all the features available, then will be paid. There are two methods of payment, monthly and yearly. You can not be an e-mail application designed for all users, there are others that are free and perfectly meet its mission.

Newton notable mainly for having push notifications for all of our accounts and email in all our devices, regardless of the operating system and device. With the snooze feature can configure the application to ensure that emails reach your Inbox at a specific time, also can be prioritized.

One thing that is pretty good and not have all email applications are the read receipts. As in many messaging applications, Newton will tell us if they have read the emails that we have sent. You can even set up so send us a notification as soon as they have been read.

View the profile of the sender also possible, Newton shows the profile of job, location, information about the company, Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook. In addition, you are always connected to other productivity applications, it allows to connect to Evernote, Zendesk, Asana, Trello, Todoist, OneNote, Salesforce and Pocket. As you can see, Newton is a client’s email with lots of features.

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