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How to Send File With Skype?

Popularity of Skype is increasing day by day due to its lots of useful features. It provides various facilities to the users. Such as free Voice and video chat, text chat, long distance phone calls in inexpensive ways etc. In addition, various files can be transferred to the target person by using Skype. Sending file with Skype is very simple. You can send any files to a person, who is in your contact list or you can send file with Skype to many users at one time. For this, just follow the following steps:

Instructions to send file with Skype

  1. Open the Skype application present on your desktop or laptop by double clicking on “Skype” icon.
  2. Log-in to Skype first. Enter your Skype name and password the Skype Sign-in page and click on “Sign in” tabs.
  3. You must exchange contact details with the person to whom you want to send file with Skype. So add him/her to your contact list at first. Click on “Contact” then “Add Contact” tabs present on the top of Skype page. Enter his/her full name, user name or email address. Find him/her in the list, click on his/her name and finally click to “Add to Contacts” tabs.
  4. Find a file in your desktop that you want to send to your target person. Open your Skype windows only and minimize other windows so that you can see the file and can drag easily that inside the Skype windows.
  5. Make a right click to the contact to whom you are going to  send file with Skype and select “send files“. Type the name of file you want to send. Or click on Browser and search it.
  6. Or Select the person to whom you are going to send file with Skype. Drag the file and drop it inside the Skype windows.
  7. Once you send the files it starts sending automatically and it may take some moment to receive files by receiver depending upon the quality of network.

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