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Hotmail Sign in Tutorial

Hotmail email is one of the most commonly used mail services worldwide and is one of the most recommended services for people. Began as a product in the mid-90s and then was bought by Microsoft which helped boost the site www.hotmail.com millions of users sharing email sending mail free.

Hotmail Sign in Tutorial


The mail service Hotmail whose original name, was founded by Sabeer Bhatia and Jack Smith were the first to set up email services on the Internet, which grew over time with Microsoft.

Mail Hotmail has an inbox where we will be able to receive our emails, there are going to see emails received so that the most recent being the first to arrive at the list. Those who still have not read in bold. If we have the full input bande can select delete those emails that are not needed, if we select the wrong folder deleted.

Well, what do you expect to create an account? Here we’ll show you step by step how to do this.

Hotmail Sign in Tutorial

1. First you enter the official site which is the next Hotmail http://hotmail.live.com/. Once inside, press the button that looks Register on the right of the Hotmail homepage.

Step 1: Click on the “Register”

2. Once you’ve clicked the button Register, you will see the registration form of Hotmail. In this form you must fill all important data for the account.

There are only 3 parts that could complicate here, otherwise just your personal data. Let by:
Hotmail address: This is the most important, is the direction you have to know, because when you ask for the address, this is what you should give. That’s why it should be easy to remember and pronounce. It could be your name plus your birth date.
What comes after the @ is the domain, each domain can register an address only once, that is why the names are depleted.
So Microsoft made available to other domains, such as Live.com, Hotmail.com.ar, Hotmail.com.mx, Hotmail.es, etc., some will not be visible in your country as each corresponds to a geographic location. Hotmail can make suggestions on the name, you just have to assign some words that Hotmail will automatically search for available names.

Hotmail sign in is the best email service.

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